17 June, 2021

A 20-Question Quiz You Can’t Google

Magazines are all about details and distillation; about making the important interesting. Here, then, are 20 questions from this issue, in 20 words each.

A 20-Question Quiz You Can’t Google

The editor of which iconic magazine was the first to tell the world about an Albanian nun working in Calcutta?

Vinod Mehta couldn’t drive a car, as couldn’t Sham Lal. Which other magazine editor also didn’t know clutch from brake?

Dorothy Parker and her friends from The New Yorker met at which literary restaurant on West 44th Street in Manhattan?

Which Indian media baron presented Benazir Bhutto an M.F. Husain painting of her father being hanged as a wedding gift?

Which publishing diva (whose daughter is also into books) brought out the now-defunct film magazine Super with her husband Rajiv?

Most of the editors of The Economist are reputed to have gone to the same college in Oxford. Which one?

Which of our short storytellers wrote a column for The Illustrated Weekly of India under the pseudonym ‘Akbar Krishna’?

Which well-known investigative journalist reputedly opened up British double agent Kim Philby by plying ‘sambar’ made by his Mangalorean...

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