16 May, 2021

39 Steps To Paradise

An MPs delegation to the Valley senses the anger roiling there

39 Steps To Paradise

What The MPs Heard...

  • Pro-India Kashmiri politicians will never be able to find any solution
  • The army is seen as a brutal occupying force in Kashmir
  • Economic packages can’t substitute for genuine political engagement
  • The idea of being part of a prospering India does not appeal to Kashmiris
  • Separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani will have to be part of any    initiative India takes on the Valley


Kashmir’s extended summer of violence is heading slowly towards autumn, but it will still take time to see what the all-party delegation of MPs, which visited the Valley on September 20-21, has achieved—if at all it has. In the eyes of Kashmiris perhaps, the visit is a reflection of the Indian political establishment’s desire to at least listen to them. Even so, no one in Srinagar or New Delhi pins too much hope on the MPs’ visit yielding much.

The Omar...

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