25 February, 2021

37-5, That's A Goal

It's past the semis. Now to the final.

37-5, That's A Goal
A day before the United States House International Relations Committee was to vote on the US and India Nuclear Cooperation Promotion Act, 2006, political affairs undersecretary R. Nicholas Burns remained busy meeting committee members to ensure there were no last-minute hiccups. Burns' hard work paid off: the HIRC voted overwhelmingly (37-5) in favour of the bill. And as we went to press, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee too had debated and passed its own version of the bill. The tally: 16-2 in favour.

Now, for the Indo-US nuclear deal to turn real, Congress must pass legislation to amend the Atomic Energy Act, 1954, to exempt India from US laws that prohibit providing nuclear technology to those who haven't signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Under the House Bill, passed on June 27, this waiver has been granted. But Congress will be required to vote a second time before any nuclear cooperation with India can move. This second vote will take place only after Congress reviews all the details of the nuclear...

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