16 May, 2021

25 People Who Will Never Make It To The Power List

Thinking change in India is a thankless task. A few who are sticking it out for the greater common good.

25 People Who Will Never Make It To The Power List
The prolific presence of Power Lists in print publications may be a reflection of the dumbing down of the media but, like haemorrhoids, eventually we all catch the disease. In Superpower India, Wealth and Power make for a compelling narrative. Who is in the top 50, and who has moved from number 49 to 48 is (presumably) irresistible and essential reading for many people, even though the names are both predictable and (slightly) boring. Are readers interested in this sort of guff? No publisher has bothered to find out; sufficient to say that since many in the list are top industrialists, the publisher is quite happy to massage the egos of a few tycoons.

Since this magazine has a deserved reputation of being a bit of a maverick, we decided to imitate the hallowed Power List formula, adding a characteristic Outlook twist. We have compiled the Alternative Power List by hailing 25 people who will never make it to any conventional Power List, and whose names you've probably never heard. Or heard and quickly forgotten.

Since all Power...

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