28 July, 2021

2019 Lok Sabha Election: Modi's Challenger

Who from the Opposition will take on the Prime Minister?

2019 Lok Sabha Election: Modi's Challenger

With 2019 pitched as the election year where Narendra Modi will take on the rest of his political rivals, a seemingly resurgent Opposition faces a tough question: Who will lead them? Herein lies the dilemma for the the non-BJP forces. Each an ambitious leader. How to get all of them on board this Noah's ark? And who will be Noah? A sneak peek into the probables:

Rahul Gandhi 48, Member of Parliament from Amethi

President of the Indian National Congress


  • His youthful and clean image
  • Has shown spunk in taking on the might of Narendra Modi and the BJP’s ruthless election machinery in states like Gujarat, and beating the BJP at its own game by forming the government in Karnataka, besides his much-discussed temple run
    • Is more pragmatic and secure as he empowers party seniors like Kamal Nath, Ashok Gehlot and Ghulam Nabi...

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