17 April, 2021

2019 Ahoy!

If Congress doesn’t do well in either UP or Punjab, there is a possibility of an implosion of the scale that was witnessed after the 1977 polls...

2019 Ahoy!

It is rare for any political party to treat an assembly poll as a do-or-die situation. Nobody dies a sudden death in politics. It takes aeons for a political outfit, particularly if it’s one of the bigger ones, to gradually fade away. And in our post-Independence existence, very few parties have really disappeared into thin air. Most of them metamorphose into something else. The Swatantra Party and the Praja Socialist Party, representing two diametrically opposite poles of the polity, are two examples of parties that ceased to exist though they live through other merged and transformed entities.

Yet, one should insist, this round of assembly polls is very important or even crucial for several parties. Mayawati’s BSP does not have a single Lok Sabha MP. She doesn’t even consider the Leader of Opposition’s position in Lucknow imp­ortant enough to stay back for the term in the Opposition benches. So, another term in the wilderness could be dangerous for her and her flock. Her 19% voteshare is intact, but if there is a Muslim consolidation in favour...

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