13 May, 2021

20 Things We Need Azadi From

It’s the Freedom Movement, circa 2016, led by a young man with fire in his belly and a silver tongue. Kanhaiya Kumar’ spoke of azadi, “but from hunger, poverty, the caste system.” Dilip Bobb lists the 20 other things that we want azadi from as soon

20 Things We Need Azadi From

The Horny Indian

What is it with Indians and their raging car horns? Across the country, drivers get more sadistic joy out of pressing the beeping button than any other pleasure-seeking activity. Yes, yes, even that. I mean, just go to a traffic light which has turned red and you will be assailed by a high-pitched cacophony as the drivers behind get horny despite the ­display informing everyone that it will be 120 seconds before it turns green. Psychologists will find a connection between horn-blowing and sexual inadequacy but there’s no better symbol of pathetic men than the sign at the back of the lorry—Horn Please.

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