28 July, 2021

20 Questions For 2012

Outlook asks experts for their take on India’s niggling doubts

20 Questions For 2012

Will a discredited Dr Manmohan Singh outlast 2012?
T.S.R. Subramanian, Former cabinet secretary

Perhaps it will be more appropriate to talk of ineffectiveness; he may himself want to go, given his helpless plight. Apart from referring to his personal honesty and purity, one will find it difficult to refer to any achievement of the government initiated by him. With all the serious problems of India, Manmohan found it necessary to focus on the nuclear deal, staking his all on it. Curiously, the only other policy issue where he showed interest was FDI in retail. Not for nothing have some wags described him as a ‘Political economist’, with a huge ‘P’ and a tiny ‘e’. In political circles though, he is a technocrat—which calls into question the wisdom of allowing a person without political acumen to lead a complex country. His successor will find it hard to restore the prestige of the office.

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