02 March, 2021


The Year India won the war and Gavaskar was born.


Nineteen seventy-one was a momentous year for India. For the first time in 2000 years, Indian forces won a war against a foreign enemy, when they beat Pakistan to liberate Bangladesh; and for the first time, after almost 40 years of trying, India won a Test series in England, shortly after winning one in the West Indies.

The spread of cricket is a consequence of colonialism. Cricket is an English game, and was one of England's cogs in their quest to 'civilise' their colonies. Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, all learnt the game when they were part of the British empire, and it wasn't ananomaly that the I in ICC originally stood for Imperial, before political correctness caused it to be changed to International.

Australia threw off their colonial baggage early enough, but for most of the other Test playing countries, it took time. For years India and Pakistan played the game with a sense of inferiority that almost seemed genetic. Wicket keeper Budhi Kunderan once recounted how, when India toured England in 1967,manager Keki...

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