05 December, 2020

1857: The Company Memos

Empire? No, that was just a typo in the terms of the contract

Illustration by Sorit
1857: The Company Memos
It's getting a bit worrying that year after year, we continue to make the same mistake—this celebration of what has so unfortunately come to be called Independence Day. Independence from British rule, they say. Silly thought, when the fact is that India never was colonised in the first place. All that ever happened was that various Indians alike outsourced management of the country to a British firm for a period. Once the job was done, we sacked them. It really is that simple.

How then, you ask, can every historian ever in India, Britain and elsewhere have been wrong. Well, ask them. But my guess is that they needed to agree on a language and then find enough disagreement, so they could get published and get university jobs. They then exploited their position to set exam papers we needed to pass so that we could get jobs. And so the spiral of lies winds on. History should never be left to employed historians; they have vested interest in the past. That project should be awarded to our captains of industry; if they can manage the future,...


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