12 April, 2021

180018: Symmetry In Pincode

If Jammu were Delhi, Udheywala could well be its upcoming Gurgaon.

Channi Anand
180018: Symmetry In Pincode

Udheywala is a place as nondescript as its name would suggest. Nothing quite makes it stand out. Neither the old Ram temple, nor the agricultural college. Neither old residents huddling tog­ether in the afternoons to play cards, nor schoolkids riding dangerously atop matadors to hurry back home. The only distinguishing mark is the post office with a one-of-its-own-kind pincode: 180018. About 7-8 km from Jammu, with an army base 10-12 km ahead, Udheywala is home to about 20,000 people, a majority of them Pandits who settled here from Kashmir. It’s also home to nomadic Gujjars. Farming, brick­-laying are major occupations. There is a private sch­ool and a market close by at Talab Tillo, but for most things­—from hospitals to higher education—Udhey­wala depends on Jammu. But apart from its conspicuous pincode, Udhe­y­wala is known for another thing: real estate. More specifically, banquet halls. Pressed for space, it’s to Udheywala Jammu residents go to celebrate in sprawling wedding enclosures with monikers like Daru Resorts and...

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