16 June, 2021

18-Karat Light

The Left is never right. So we dismiss our comrades. But they do raise questions well worth asking.

T. Narayan
18-Karat Light
It is very easy to castigate the Left for various degrees of hypocrisy and inconsistency on foreign policy; they certainly have more than a fair share of inconsistencies to account for. It has sadly also become very easy to use that track record to deflect serious debate on the merits of the Indo-US nuclear deal. The BJP’s opposition to the deal is often premised on strange logic. On the one hand, they probably would have settled for something lesser. On the other hand, they want an even closer and subservient relationship to the United States but not the deal. As for the Left’s opposition to the deal, the case for scepticism appears simple. This is the party that has opposed India’s nuclear programme, India’s greater integration into the global economy and has made national interest subservient to ideology or, as some allege, to foreign powers. Critics of the deal are told: "You don’t really want to be seen aiding the Left, do you?" Or even worse: India is presented as if the choice it has is between (wink, wink) China and the United...

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