27 November, 2020

160/ 99

The 'Silent Killer' is on the prowl. Get your BP checked if you have headaches, blurred vision, feel dizzy or can't sleep.

160/ 99
At 24, the rush of blood in Vinod Tanwar’s veins should have been about falling in love. Only, it was about falling sick. And by the time Vinod’s blood pressure was tested, sending the mercury on a vertical vroom, it had already failed his body: permanently impairing vision in his left eye. Neither of the two doctors Vinod had been consulting since January this year had bothered checking his blood pressure, prescribing steroids for his symptoms instead. "Blurred vision apart, I’d repeatedly told the doctors about my exhaustion and headaches," recalls Vinod, "Signs of high BP, I know now, if treated in time could have saved my eyesight. But the doctors thought I was too young to have high blood pressure."

They should have known better. Many many men and women around Vinod’s age are falling into the potentially fell embrace of high blood pressure in India. Not that older people aren’t. It is a sickness soaring high: a late 1990s Indian Heart Journal study found one among every four urban Indian adults suffering from hypertension (the medical term for high BP)....



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