10 April, 2021

‘We Will Not Do What The Bsp Has Done’

Dr Krishnaswamy, the founder leader of Pudiya Tamizhyagam, spoke to Outlook:

‘We Will Not Do What The Bsp Has Done’

Why did you float the party?

I started the Devendra Kulla Vellar Federation because among the various Dalit segments in the state, Devendras were in the vanguard of the struggle against untouchability. However, when we started working we discovered that the plight of potmakers, dhobis, barbers, Mutherayars in the central districts and many marginal communities faced similar problems. Since none of them accounted for a size-able votebank, the mainstream parties were ignoring them. The Coimbatore bomb blasts revealed that the Dravidian movement has lost its secular bearings to a large extent. How can we defend the alliance between the AIADMK, the MDMK and the PMK with the BJP? We felt the time had come to put ideology back in politics and that’s how PT was born.

How will you implement your plan of creating an egalitarian society?

We are clear that no forum is in itself against the Dalits or the minorities, because of the Constitution written by Ambedkar. Hence, we have decided to fight for rights from all the...

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