20 June, 2021

‘Transfer Of Papers Will Take Time’

The Swiss say that a decision on the Hinduja appeal against releasing the last set of Bofors documents to India is some way off yet.

‘Transfer Of Papers Will Take Time’

Contrary to indications from senior members of the Vajpayee government, the arrival of the second and last set of documents dealing with the sixth account into which the Rs 64-crore Bofors payoffs were allegedly made, is likely to take time. In an exclusive interview with Murali Krishnan, Falco Galli, the spokesperson for the Federal Department of Police and Justice in Switzerland, which is hearing the last set of appeals by the powerful Hinduja brothers against the handing over of the documents to India, said that "the matter is under study...(by) the federal councillor, Ruth Metzler. I cannot specify a time period (for arriving at a decision). All I can say at this point is that it will take time".

As a consequence, the next logical step for the Central Bureau of Investigation - the filing of a second, supplementary chargesheet widely expected to name the Hindujas to go along with the first, which names Rajiv Gandhi, among others - is also unlikely to be taken soon. In fact, the appeal of...

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