26 November, 2020

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A deft handling of core concerns might ease the impasse in the India-US nuclear deal talks Updates

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Major 'Sticking Point'
  • India wants to retain the right to test nuclear weapons.
  • Under US law, not only would the nuclear deal be off, Washington also has the right to seek return of material and equipment subject to the agreement.
  • A way out: presidential waiver from the requirements of US law.
  • The problem: future presidents could overturn the waiver.
  • Also, US could take back only unused fuel and compensate India monetarily.


Indian and American negotiators are finding out the hard way that hammering out a deal is not as easy as 123—ironically, the numerals name the section of the Atomic Energy Act (AEA) which governs the civil nuclear agreements between the United States and other countries. A technical-level meeting in London last week failed to achieve a breakthrough, delivering yet another blow to the optimism expressed following the meeting between under secretary of state R. Nicholas Burns and foreign...


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