06 August, 2021


The prosperity of India's middle class is showing: in its burgeoning waistline

Anay Mann
Chubby baby Sanjana brings a smile to everyone’s face as her mum brings her into a bustling south Delhi clinic. In minutes, the mother’s pride turns to dismay as this six-month-old registers 12 kilos on the digital scales. This is more than double Sanjana’s age-appropriate weight.

Tapan Bose, a software professional in Calcutta, ballooned from 75 to 95 kilos due to a totally desk-tied job. It triggered off such severe depression, diagnosed as dysmorphophobia (a feeling of ugliness), that he had to be hospitalised.

A diabetes diagnosis just before Anjali Dayal’s 30th birthday destroyed all her party plans. With her eyesight failing and hair prematurely greying, this Delhi-based editor’s life-mission now is to rid her blimp-sized body of 25 killing kilos.


Hold up a mirror to urban middle-class India today and clinical profiles are reflecting the unshiny truth about our otherwise pleasing 8 per cent economic growth figure. Our middle class is growing...

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