13 June, 2021

Ecovid - 19: The Economy and The Virus

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Ruben Banerjee
Ecovid-19 Lockdown

How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact The Economy -- And You

It's life itself that is affected, profoundly so and almost at a genetic level. And...

Lola Nayar Jyotika Sood
Ecovid-19 Lockdown

From Valentine To Quarantine How Stock Markets Have Bled But There Is Hope

Indian bourses tanked over 37% in 25 sessions amidst sharp jump in trading...

Yagnesh Kansara

Opinion | It's Slippery As Oil And As Crude As It Can Get

COVID-19 has infected crude oil producing countries in more ways than one, threatening economies of some politically fickle states

Shreerupa Mitra
Ecovid-19 Lockdown

Counting On Hope, How Multiple Crises Have Failed To Break The Bank

Debacles like Yes Bank reveal its weak spots, but the system is neither broke nor broken.

Jyotika Sood Lola Nayar

Opinion | All That Glitters Is Not Gold. Why Fiscal Stimulus Have Limitations

Copper, aluminium and nickel are going down as the pandemic ravages the world...

Praveen Singh

Opinion | Not COVID-19, Racism Is A Virus That Knows No Cure And India Is A Hotspot

Racism against people from the Northeast is part of India’s ‘constitution’

Anupam Bordoloi
Ecovid-19 Lockdown

Highrises Of Nightmares! Why Coronavirus Will Extend Slowdown Period In...

Coronavirus hits a sluggish real...

Lola Nayar Jyotika Sood
Ecovid-19 Lockdown

One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

It is tiniest of tiny, doesn’t even have a DNA of its own to replicate (thus needs a...

Lola Nayar
Ecovid-19 Lockdown

Rumours Of Panaceas For COVID-19 Abound, But Some Might Do More Harm Than Good

Rumours of panaceas for COVID-19 abound. But some might do more harm than good.

Ajay Sukumaran


Delhi/Shaheen Bagh

Temporary Retreat? Anti-CAA Protesters Want To Strike Back At Shaheen Bagh, Again

Shaheen Bagh movement has seen a new awakening, one that invoked the Constitution and saw ordinary women making themselves heard in public space

Preetha Nair

Opinion | Indian Muslims Have Lost Faith In National Institutions And ‘Secularism’

Indian Muslims have lost faith in national institutions and ‘secularism’. They must mobilise politically.

Shajahan Madampat

Opinion | It's Time To Pass Judicial Standards And Accountability Bill In Parliament

Judicial independence needs a fresh look in the context of jurisprudence of checks and balances

Manish Tiwari
MP/Change Of Guard

Shivraj Singh Chouhan's Biggest Challenge - How To Manage Jyotiraditya Scindia And 22 Other Congress Rebels

Caught between aspirations of loyalists and new entrants, Shivraj Chouhan will have to walk the tightrope as he assumes charge as MP chief minister

Puneet Nicholas Yadav

Opinion | Of Horrific Rapes And A Litany Of Justice Miscarried, Why I Am Really Scared More Than Before

A screed of horrific rapes; a litany of justice miscarried. More than the closure offered by executions, society needs an overhaul.

Annie Zaidi



A Tale Of Two Kashmiris

Omar Abdullah is free, but Yasin Malik could be in for a long haul

Naseer Ganai

Hi, Mumbai



Enemy? Me?






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Arts & Entertainment
Lockdown/Art And Culture

Keep It Light With Kubbra Sait

With the lockdown, everyone has been suggesting we watch Contagion and Pandemic. But I want to keep things light and easy, fun and giggles. Stuff that will make you get up from your couch, take a break and compel you to do something more productive. Something that may make you wonder, but not leave you sleepless. My list of easy watches while we’re shut up at home are

Lachmi Deb Roy
Lockdown/Art And Culture

Don’t Stop The Music

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das addresses a press conference, at RBI headquarters in Mumbai.

Lachmi Deb Roy

La Dolce Vita

The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news

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Lockdown Read

Books To Read In The Time Of Coronavirus Lockdown

From Albert Camus's The Plague to The Inspector Maigret Series by Georges Simenon, here's a list of books you must read while at home during the coronavirus.

Saikat Niyogi


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