24 September, 2020
Issue Of The Year: Menstruation
Issue Of The Year

Profane Marks Of Sacred Blood

Menstruation taboos define woman only by her biology. We need to get rid of them.

Nalini Natarajan
Editor’s Word
We at Outlook have decided to settle for something more substantive from now on to encapsulate the 12 months by settling for an Issue of the Year.
Ruben Banerjee
Issue Of The Year
For millennia, theorists saw menstruation as a pathology to be explained
Sara Read
Issue Of The Year
Period pollution is a myth. What it does in biology is cleansing, a monthly exorcism of pathogens. And by all means, make love.
Ruma Satwik, Ambarish Satwik
Issue Of The Year
From Baul songs to Lavani, to old rites of passage, red is positive and life-affirming
Arshia Dhar
Issue Of The Year
Menstrual disorders may be more, not less, prevalent in developed countries
Sinu Joseph
Issue Of The Year
With India’s menstrual waste estimated at 1,13,000 tonnes annually, many NGOs and groups are working around the problem...
Preetha Nair
Issue Of The Year
If you can.... for the rest, it’s still a ­debate among women
Lachmi Deb Roy
Issue Of The Year
What it is, where to find it, why it’s ­important, and how to make your ownr
Chella Quint
Issue Of The Year
Trolls, priests, algorhithms, all conditioned to impose a quietus, yield before a graphic...
Martand Badoni
Issue Of The Year
Artists are working towards normalisation of menstruation
Sara Hussain
Issue Of The Year
The physical taboo at Sabarimala, the verbal one in court
Indira Jaising
Last Page
A nine-year-old girl writes a diary on early periods.
Mannat Aurora

The Third Rock From The Sun

The Earth has dark shadows, but its lights are stronger in contrast. That’s Charles Dickens. And we agree…as we frame 2018 into an album

Waive Alarm
Will the spate of loan write-offs help India’s heavily indebted farming communty?
Lola Nayar
Waive Alarm
Odisha goverment claims the package would take care of the problems of over three million small and marginal farmers in the state without recourse to the populist gimmick of farm loan waiver.
Sandeep Sahu
An top journalist’s arrest by the CBI was wilfully ignored by Bengal’s media
Our Correspondent
Winter Campaign
India fears the BNP’s return to power would push Bangladesh once again into China’s welcoming arms. Such a scenario would push back Delhi-Dhaka ties by years.
Probir Pramanik
We all make mistakes, don’t we? But what’s important is owning up to them. So, here’s a list of some err…errors, or as well like to call them – clerical terrors, that sneaked into our stories.
India fears the BNP’s return to power would push Bangladesh once again into China’s welcoming arms. Such a scenario would push back Delhi-Dhaka ties by years.
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news

...And The Presses Rolled Overtime

Events of great import crowded each other out in a cascade, polarising and unifying in equal measure. a summing up of 2018.

Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
An honourable Svengali and his Mujib-speaking protege ply their trade in liberated Bangladesh. Imam weaves a hyper-realistic tale of tragedy, farce, idealism and power.