29 July, 2021


  • Weave Her A Garland

    If the variety of styles on this page is trapping you, you feel, in an European aesthetic from which there is little escape, we pull you back in and ask you to lock eyes with the magnetic, kohl-lined pair of actress Malavika Mohanan. If you can tear your gaze away that hypnotic pull of intensity, we beseech you to turn it to the embroidery of the lehenga, the startling, sequined balloon sleeves, the roseate plunge of the bustier blouse and the starkness of the kundan necklace. While you are at it, peel your eyes for the rings that sparkle humbly from Malavika’s fingers. We won’t embarrass you with the outfit’s cost—it’s that expensive. But then think of the weavers and seamstresses it supported. Malavika, whose hair should now invite a closer look from you, will star in Farhan Akhtar’s Yudhra. 

  • Reporters At Work

    The film may be releasing in November 2022—a date that we daren’t dream of—but its subject insists that we take note. She Said is about the courageous journalism by NY Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor, who took down Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein from his perch of sexual offences with impunity, exposing his demonic deeds. In the process, they launched the #MeToo movement. Carey Mulligan, who can embody both an innocent naïf as well as someone with nonchalant toughness, plays Twohey, while Kazan plays Kantor. Here they are, arm in arm, a picture of sartorial contrast—Mulligan’s breezy dress set against Kazan’s outfit inspired by the darkest of knights. They have acted together in a Broadway production of Chekhov’s The Seagull—that plangent piece of love’s languorous calls. Can they emulate Hoffman and Redford in making the reporter duo as famous as Woodward and Bernstein? We wait with impatience. 

  • Happiness In Person

    We are, we admit, in a bit of a quandary. Our sense of fair play prohibits us from featuring siblings in back-to-back issues, but we make an exception with Khushi Kapoor, who forces our hand with this laudable effort. Throwing the gauntlet to sister Janhvi, she appears in this coolly continental avatar—wide-legged pants, a matching, loose jacket and a cropped bustier. It’s a look that’s as confident of the wearer’s ability to carry carefree chic, as it’s sure of the effect it has on the average man. A delicate pearl bracelet does its work, and so does the holding aloft of bronzed hair. Khushi, we hear, attends film school in New York and is here for the summer break. Leads us to wonder if this salutary perch on the stool was part of her homework. You can never rule it out.

  • Mademoiselle Mimi

    There are celebrities who are straining at the leash to churn the placid waters of pandemic-hit Bollywood, to catch the photographer’s flash first (we use it figuratively). Then there are stars like Kriti Sanon, who put their down in earnest work, bide their time, and come up for air when the time is ripe. This electric blue dress dazzling the eye as the light catches its velveteen texture surely is worth the effort of Kriti’s reappearance on the glamour scene. While we enjoy it while the apparition lasts, we cannot but help note the awesome symmetry—one bare arm, to keep company with one bare leg, as the hand draws our attention to the appeal of her visage. The occasion? The impending streaming of her film, Mimi. If you liked riding with her in those flicks slick with action, love and laughter, go for it.

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