29 July, 2021


  • For Insta Judgement

    Thence we step again into the contested territory of star kids who live their privileged lives on Instagram—fashion moments, style statements, loved ones, holidays…so it rolls cloyingly. This pose by Khushi Kapoor, sister of Jahnvi, apparently “set the internet on fire”, though we would only want to go around her and take a dip in the coolly inviting pool, then take a hike in those mountains yonder. A lavender bikini with a high-waisted bottom and a belt with a circular buckle—can fans dig such tired ’80s fare still? Why, even her pooch is looking for fresh game elsewhere! As Khushi checks if her shades work in the sun, we wonder if film school in NY won’t actually be detrimental for Bollywood. What would her mom Sridevi have thought about that?

  • Tying Us In Rings

    Once we waxed poetic about Alia Bhat here, and we are prepared to do so again: as days trickle by, she masters, bit by delightful bit, the art of transmuting a certain majestic innocence into alluring sexiness. The styling here, for a well-known calendar shoot—the turquoise dress, the asymmetrically pendulous necklaces, the undraped leg, the scattering of gold on those shapely fingers—might be tuned to an aching degree by a professional, but oh boy, did she have some exquisite material to work with! To start with, did you know an Alia of such show-stopping hair? To end, she’s now preparing for the film Darlings, where she’s producer. Is it a film about people like her?

  • Forever Our Belle

    She’s utterly bewitching, and like the greatest of stars she has changed colours in a bewildering range of roles. We loved her in them all: from a slinky, willful, sad-eyed moll in Scarface to charming Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; from the grungily glamorous Stephanie in Grease 2 to timidly virtuous/ worldly grand dames in the 18th and 19th centuries in Dangeous Liaisons and The Age of Innocence respectively, can we ever stop being besotted by Michelle Pfeiffer? One of the great actresses and beauties of our time, now 63 and still making us swoon, Michelle shares a selfie with her adopted daughter Claudia. We are also using an image of her in her acting prime, just so youthful readers get a clearer picture of our undimmed infatuation. Next stop for her is a fun one: Janet Van Dyne in Marvel world’s Ant-Man and The Wasp. 

  • Owning The Narrative

    The finely tailored trouser, the boldly printed, loose jacket, the unabashed peek of a bustier within, the cra­ggy diversion of the earrings and the tightly loose tendrils of hair over that elsewhere look—somehow it’s easy to imagine that the owner of this style made the lead roles in Pink and Thappad her own. Known as a frontrunner in ‘women-centric films’—the very nomenclature reveals latent patriarchy—Taapsee Pannu now names Vidya Balan, Tabu and Priyanka Chopra as the three actresses who have helped make Bollywood a better place for female artistes. We agree, each of them were trendsetters. But will Taapsee carry on the good work in a film called Haseena Dilruba? Covers are misleading, so don’t give up on this.

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