29 July, 2021


  • Player’s Comfort

    After month of publishing miscellaneous trifles, we return to Bhaijaan, of whose multifarious activities, we saucily feel, you are dying to know. Undaunted by what inferior tastemakers like us have to say about Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai (the large, loyal fan base loved it, innit?), Salman is casting his line or a suitable foray into further ‘action’. For a person who had turned to the South, and the Telugu Pokiri for his Wanted in 2008, the view is clear. Bhai just needed to watch a teaser of Khiladi, starring Telugu heartthrob Ravi Teja (who goes by the icky sobriquet, Mass Maharaja), to make his mind up. The Hindi remake right of the yet to be released film is now his. That’s the thing about Bhaijaan—he knows what others want better than anyone else.

  • Our Kind Of Star

    When you are on vacation, whether for a day or a week, you do things the normal way, like sitting upright, cross-legged and taking in the peace of mind and the scenery, not writhing about on water’s edge like a mermaid who’s forgotten how to swim. For this, we think Parineeti Chopra needs to be commended. Again, for not thinking at all about clichéd Maldives and plumping instead for an understated and lovely Turkish resort (Black Sea or the Med? We don’t know.), she ought to be congratulated. In this comfortable bikini, Parineeti look like the young Helen Hunt—and every bit as gracious and pretty. We hope The Girl On The Train pitchforks her into a star.

  • Baby’s Come Home

    Nothing imparts a touch of homespun glamour to a handsome woman than an untidy smear of vermillion on her temple, or a dash on her cheeks. One was surprised at the old sindoor’s picturesque prominence at actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan’s wedding to Nikhil Jain. Soon as rumours started swirling in Calcutta of their unhappy separation of the past six months, Nusrat fires a salvo sounding like parroting her lawyer’s advice, saying since the ceremony took place in Turkey, and was therefore not solemnised under the Special Marriage Act, it was null and void in the first place, resulting in a mere live-together relation that needs no divorce to tear asunder. Nikhil, she claims, was siphoning money from her accounts. Now, the story is tugged at a different direction—Nusrat’s confirmation of a rumour of her pregnancy by posting this photo. Quite curdles the matter, doesn’t it?

  • No Further Than Irina

    In the rarefied plane where top echelons of the music, fashion and movie industries meet, have fun and disperse for the next bout half the globe away, alliances and misalliances often involve the donning and doffing of diamond rings. It’s the dalliances, especially in those delicious early months, that bring a rare flush to the satiated cheeks of worthies. Thus did Kanye West—we remember him like he’s here, rapping away, not the misguided lunatic who tried to run for US president—and Irina Shayk, Ronaldo and Leo Di Caprio’s ex, come together for a ‘very casual’ romance. Fresh from being left alone by Kim Kardashian, West has been dropping in on NY just for the pleasure of supermodel Irina’s company. Reports say he likes her ‘vibes’. Look at her and, cross our hearts, we promise we do too.

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