21 June, 2021


  • Yogini On Her Feet

    It’s the season of pestilence, when hundreds line up before hospitals, waiting patiently and hopelessly, as administrations flail around helples­sly for oxygen and government councils meet, hoping for a providential respite. It’s a season of recoveries too, when celebrities declare their illnesses, grab the weary morsels of sympathy and retire into lockdown. But the gorgeous Pooja Hegde isn’t one of those—a declaration of  Covid positivity and strict isolation followed a daily regimen of accomplished yoga. Like here, a one-legged, fully-stretched asana in biker tights and a pink sport bra. For those unhappy with this ‘motivational activity’, we have an image of Pooja where she marries a boyish handsomeness with flowing chiffon and a ballerina’s poise in resting her foot like that. Her Mohenjo Daro flopped; we’re backing Pooja for Housefull 4.

  • Scene From A Humming Afternoon

    Why does the pulse quicken so whenever we catch a sliver a Sharon Stone—even after so long since our partially misspent adolescence (that fug of delicious laziness)? Do we still dig that confidently coy sexuality that she made her very own—that knock-out linkage of sidelong look, pursed-lips smile and a tumble of blonde locks? Stone, now 63, leads a contented life with her litter of beloved French bulldogs in her Pennsylvania mansion. Joe had just been to the vet: here, curled up on a mattress by the poolside in a one-piece black swimsuit, a relieved Stone takes in the warm air with her pet. Looks slightly worse for wear, you think? Few of us would match her when we’re 64.

  • Pals On A High Beam

    It’s a novel push—top givers to charity stand a chance to get something back from celebrities. The ‘All In Challenge’, which encourages aid to a host of charities (No Kid Hungry or World Central Kitchen) and is endorsed by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro (motivation: a small role in a Scorsese movie) or justin Bieber and Hug Jackman (a lemonade stand for a fan’s kid). The cast of Friends—Jennifer, Courteney, Matthew, Lisa, David and Matt—who, night after night, served up a goulash of fun, frolic, heartbreak, dilemma and all else amid a shower of jigsaw bits of crackling wisecracks are into it now. Donors to food charities will enter a lucky draw that might let them into the sets of the long-awaited Friends reunion episode. Those who cut their social teeth in the ’90s in front of the telly, we hear, are scrambling for their credit cards with glee.

  • Fashion Is A Medley

    If you turn up your nose, like us, at many things, you’re liable to miss out on tasty bits of life. Since we’re not the types who would while away drizzly evenings watching Kasautii Zindagii Kay, or line up for a ticket of Babloo Happy Hai (aren’t all ‘Babloos’?), we had missed a lily of the enchanted valley called Erica Fernandes. And this snap that brought this up—decorously pendulous earrings, a flower-studded hairband, a variety of hibiscus held in a braceleted hand and an ingenious, accessorized bikini that looks conservative at first glance and stops an inch short of daring by the fifth. The effect, of course, is heightened by the turquoise waters of blessed…. We durst not mention the word, for fear of invoking Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wrath (see last week’s Trending).

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