14 May, 2021


  • Once A Spy…

    Safely distanced from the gravitational pull of Bollywood and its demands of a certain type of stardom, Radhika Apte blazes her own distinctive trail. Her turn as the Indian Special Operations Executive (SOE) operative in Occupied France, Noor Inayet Khan, in A Call To Spy won over audiences worldwide. As if to keep her hand in, she now lands another role that sharpens her spycraft—as the titular Mrs Undercover, written and directed by debutante Anushree Mehta. Hopping from a high-voltage, real-life heroine to what’s clearly a light caper requires flexibility; to give oneself to a newcomer requires confidence. A prettily embroidered dress this might be, but Radhika doesn’t show it off by preening before the camera. Wearing that conspicuous watch, she bunches herself up in a moment’s cogitation. Think differently, she seems to say. Won’t Kiara listen up?

  • Son Of A Gn

    How far can you trust the appearance of a man who did away with the second vowel of his surname, to the endless inconvenience of hacks like us, not to mention the number of fans who still stand by him? ‘Experimenting with looks’ is one thing, boldly putting on bad make-up is another. So, ignoring the tepid claps of those who deem this lush beard a laudable effort, pay close attention to the corners of Ajay Devgn’s mouth. Other than the fact that the brownish hue doesn’t match his hair colour, the falsity of the appendage would probably shame itinerant theatre companies dealing in mythologicals a century ago. “My name is Sudarshan,” writes Ajay incoherently. “Who are you calling Ajay?” Some think it’s an elaborate ruse to whet appetite for an OTT debut.

  • Be At The Ready

    Victoria’s Secret models—whom we find occasion to celebrate from time to time, with your hearty approval—fall in two categories: stunning blonde goddesses like, say, Karolina Kurkova, and skittish, kittenish blonde nymphs like our subject here, Joy Corrigan. Like most of her runway colleagues, Joy hardly rests on her well-earned laurels. She has acted in a movie opposite Bruce Willis (Reprisal, 2018), started a clothing line that helps endangered animals called Naked Species and is dating the owner of a cannabis company. When she gets time, Joy gets into blue, strapless swimsuits intriguingly tied around her waist and it’s the beach in LA. And that volleyball is not a mere prop, friends. The moment you take your eyes off her, she’ll hurl it towards you.

  • Taken In Small Doses

    If there’s one genre all actresses give lip service to, it is their unquestioning predilection for ‘women-centric films’. But it appears that too much of that fist-pumping enthusiasm isn’t trusted by the owners of those dainty fists. When the nerve-soothingly gorgeous Kiara Advani was offered a small-budget boutique of a film, Apurva, which revolves around a female protagonist, she and her band of advisors thought it was ‘risky’, since she was already aboard a bigger, female-driven vessel called Karram Kurram. We have opined that Kiara looks her best in pretty Indian two-piece ensembles, or westernwear that flatters her delicate features. But we chose her in this slinky black thing, in that modeled-up pose, deliberately. In that arch look of hers, we think she can well impersonate a vixen who can stab a cherished ideal in the back. Don’t you agree?

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