05 March, 2021


  • The Same Desi Girl

    One of the perks of moving to Hollywood—apart from a popstar husband, bit roles in movies and shows and an international profile—is an early-life autobiography. In the appropriately named Unfinished, Priyanka Chopra lifts the lid on her life thus far. Early life in India, before high school in NY, Indianapolis and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a hilarious episode involving a boyfriend, a closet and an angry aunt straight out of a ’90s teenage flick. Other highlights include a botched nose polyp surgery soon after her Miss World win in 2000, an unforgiving Indian press terming her ‘Plastic Chopra’ and being dropped from two films. But our Priyanka does own up to a few ‘corrective’ surgeries, and talks about making peace with a changed appearance—“this slightly different me”.

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