10 May, 2021


  • The Straightest Bat

    Like the Magis, two spheres of influence must have crowded upon the cradle of Taimur—the cricketing world of great-grandfather and grandfather (Iftikhar and Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, representing England and India) and filmdom from his mother’s side. Though dad Saif gave up the higher calling early on, we hear half-brother Ibrahim is keen on the game. Saif earlier noted Taimur’s preference for Ramayan over cricket; mom Kareena wished somewhere that he’d don the blues some day. Going by this, the boy doesn’t seem to have been dragooned for the 22 yards—no one poised to play his first extra cover drive can have been forced into it. Taimur has got his hairstyle right; now’s the time to begin to emulate the strokes of an elegant ’60s star.

  • Low Rise, High Effect

    Not the nasty, mountainous brutes off the coasts of California or South Australia, the waters off Hong Kong, little did we know, are crowned by gentle, middling surfs tailormade for dames to make Instagram-worthy pictures. Thus we find Lisa Haydon, still in terrific shape in that spotted swimsuit, riding a eminently manageable wave with some intent. As the city roils back and forth in its demand for democracy in the teeth of stringent mainland laws, Lisa has been extolling the joy of days on the beach with husband Dino and sons Zack and Leo. Some people, you must agree, have to carry on with ordinary life.

  • Live Up To Wisdom

    Every decade, seen in Hollywood terms, has its ultra couple—a match blessed by glamour, success, fame, all seemingly cemented by boundless love for each other. From 1987, till circa 1997, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis took on the part with natural distinction. The inevitable break-up came in 2000, but not acrimony and anger—a lot of love remained, along with civilised access to three children and shared time. Partners, some hair-raisingly younger, came and went, but parts of Bruce and Demi never disengaged from each other. For such a couple, the pandemic could only be seen as an opportunity for joyful quarantining. The result was a sailor-striped jamboree—the entire family in the same house they lived in the blissful ’90s. Sofa, sleeping dog, rugs, coffee-table books and sunshine—are all happy families happy in the same way?

  • A Garland For Her

    Through history, muslin curtains have parted only for the privileged to behold the charms of seraglios and four-poster beds within. Thank heavens for our more egalitarian times, for when this rigged up curtain slid aside it revealed a mass of tendrilled blonde-ness, dreamy gray-green eyes, a smile that stops the heart and utter perfection beyond.  They’re the property of Jasmine Sanders, one of three who graces the cover of the Sports Illustrated 2020 Swimsuit Issue. For the millions who wait for her on social media, she’s also a vocal champion for equality and justice for Black, Brown and marginalised communities and goes beyond words to provide resources and action. She also “makes people who love and support her know the feeling is mutual”. We gaze on with hopeful gratitude.

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