24 November, 2020


  • Work-Life Balance

    Those who take stock of glamour, ascribing rank and passing judgement, ignore Mandira Bedi at their peril. For as the rest of us moan and groan, throwing sharp glances as the next human sneezes, she has coolly taken herself away to Maldives, to soak in the sun, as if she hadn’t enough of it back home. Consequently, her insta feed gurgles with ‘paradise city’, ‘utter gratitude’ and other sundry platitudes. But it all comes to this: Mandy in a black bikini, eyes shaded in the same shade, showing us that she, at 48,  still can balance herself effortlessly. “The right mix of great food and so much activity,” she titters. It must be gratifying that the activity shows more than the food.

  • Bowled Starc, St Healy

    How sporting directions follow pre-ordained paths cut through the hardest granite of world competition—Australia’s women cricketers have opened up the same, barely bridgeable gap between themselves and the rest, as their menfolk had two decades ago under Steve Waugh. One of the brightest stars of the team is wicketkeeper-batsman Alyssa Healy, who has now broken M.S. Dhoni’s record of most dismissals in T20Is (across genders) in a match against the Kiwis. Alyssa has 92 dismissals in 99 innings, as against Dhoni’s 91 in 97 innings. The accompanying photo is an X’mas snap—it shows both parties regarding themselves as gifts to each other, while confirming the happiness of Michell Starc and Alyssa as a super cricket couple. But those eyes…that smile….? Yeah, same as her uncle, Ian Healy. Genes matter too.

  • Upon Her Blessed Aunts

    Is this the richest cub couple to have a baby daughter this year? Possibly, but singer Zayn Malik, 27, and 25-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid’s girl opened her account with gifts from influential Magis: her white Versace outfit was from “auntie @ Donatella Versace”, while the light pink satin blanket was made by “auntie Taylor Swift”. If your mind is wandering off that flashy photo of the two showstoppers, thinking that a homespun blanket is kinda in line with the crisp, easy, twee buoyancy of her lyrics, you’re probably right: before this effort, Taylor had just embroidered a blanket for Katy Perry’s infant daughter Daisy.

  • No Rival To Speak Of

    In this season of daughters, daddys are going weak in the knee. The latest to declare susceptability is Ajay Devgn, who made a career in acting out of brooding looks and twisted half-smiles. On Daughter’s Day (you knew it existed?), he unveiled on Instagram a ravishing young thing of 17, claiming she was his “sharpest critic and biggest weakness”. Meanwhile, Nysa glows in a gown that would turn Cinderella in the ball green with envy—that massive swirling wave of satin, those earrings, that ring, and the most contented smile east of Suez. She’s currently in Singapore to resume college; mom Kajol is keeping her company. Ajay misses her already.

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