29 October, 2020


  • Ready For A Date

    Forced ‘at homes’ during the pandemic drove entire legions into the inviting arms of OTT platforms, desi or phoren. But as millions sat agape before their tellys, gripping their armrests, their souls craved for the hushed, darkened experience of a movie theatre. It makes perfect sense to be screen-ready when cinemas open to meet pent-up demand. The makers of Indoo ki Jawani, we hear, are geared up for an October release—the lure of an open field will happily marry the unquenched thirst for the widescreen—a thirst likely to be slaked by the fresh, tangible, allure of Kiara Advani. A Ghaziabad girl navigating online dating? Who wouldn’t like that smile, the knot of braided hair and her funny foibles magnified manifold?

  • Image Conscious

    Audiences of Bengali cinema had been unduly favoured by Nusrat Jahan—only they, it seemed, had a birthright to that bewitching smile, or the unending appeal of those pair of eyes. That changed before the 2019 LS polls—her finest hour, when she strode the arclight like never before. Now a Trinamool MP, she had receded into a silence most unbecoming of an Indian politician. Till a video-chatting app used her image without permission to peddle their piddly tidbit. The poor dafooses could be blamed only to a point, but Nusrat, in an unforgiving mood—this is her on the occasion of Mahalaya, as Ma Durga, a blend of strength, charisma and beauty—has pulled in the Kolkata Police. ‘Action’, we hear, is promised.

  • Nimrod and Pixie

    They’re calling it the ‘Pandemmys’—the biggest night in US television being hurled into the four corners by a supernova called corona. Thus did grandees, dressed to the nines, pose and preen before their screens, shaking permed hair, caressing trimmed and waxed beards, smiling and pouting in fakeness and candour. The youngest woman ever to win a best actress Emmy was Zendaya, 24, for her portrayal of teenage drug addict Rue in Euphoria, reacting here to her win in a sparkling tube top and an intriguing halterneck that held up her polka dotted skirt. Amongst uncommon pairings of first and last names, Andrij Parekh must rank high in the list. Of Gujarati-Ukrainian parentage, Parekh won the Emmy for directing the Hunting episode of the series Succession. That, too, on debut, for he has been a cinematographer of repute (Blue Valentine, The Zookeeper’s Wife). “My Gujarati side ensures I’m good at business, and my Slavic soul has a strong emotional element,” he says, to our amused confusion.

  • Wait and Watch

    The little black dress, or its handmaiden, the little black swimsuit, has at various points been honoured by the gracious form of Anushka Sharma. But priorities, in tune with sudden turns in life’s course, change dramatically. So here we have Anushka, happily gloating in a mumsy black number, showing off the outward swell of the precious kernel in her that grows every day. Does pregnancy lead people to wax pop spiritual? Her captions  (check them on Instagram) to this adorable picture would suggest so!

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