27 February, 2021


  • Ready For A Date

    Forced ‘at homes’ during the pandemic drove entire legions into the inviting arms of OTT platforms, desi or phoren. But as millions sat agape before their tellys, gripping their armrests, their souls craved for the hushed, darkened experience of a movie theatre. It makes perfect sense to be screen-ready when cinemas open to meet pent-up demand. The makers of Indoo ki Jawani, we hear, are geared up for an October release—the lure of an open field will happily marry the unquenched thirst for the widescreen—a thirst likely to be slaked by the fresh, tangible, allure of Kiara Advani. A Ghaziabad girl navigating online dating? Who wouldn’t like that smile, the knot of braided hair and her funny foibles magnified manifold?

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March 08, 2021

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