29 October, 2020


  • Off To A Party

    Blackened is his hair and blackened is his beard, and black his Iron Man t-shirt, but Saif Ali Khan looks an interloper among young people. Yet Rani, through vivacity, willpower, a well-chosen orange dress and that indistinguishable smile that we dream of intermittently, has earned the right to enter the club of ageless beauties. Tough pandemic conditions under which the shooting of Bunty Aur Babli 2 were completed  must have tired the older duo of the lead cast, but youngsters Siddhant Chaturvedi and debutante Sharvari—linger a while over her; she wears a disarming dishiness—could have danced all night.

  • That Earring For Us?

    A ship, like a wandering pilgrim, drops anchor at many harbours, but gets the deepest solace of its soul only in one—the Alexandria, say, of Lawrence Durrell, or the Singapore of Conrad. We, too, in our weekly peregrination, alight on many pretty creatures, till we revisit the unending charm of Disha Patani. What new do we know from this photo? That she’s a cat person, that her clothes hang in an open cabinet, and that “dewy look” that she’s peddling is just an excuse for a solemn pose. Before you lose yourself amidst those parted lips, take note of the sunflowery dress. Is there anything she can’t carry off?

  • Mom’s Home

    We’ve followed her through her highs—the startling irruption of the Catholic schoolgirl, the maddening successes, scintillatingly titillating stage shows, the teen icondom blooming into adulthood. The lows too—substance abuse, garishpools of unhinged behaviour, marriages and divorces (with 55 hours in between one set). Still, Britney Spears kept up her claims to the diva club through chat-scorchers; in between, she was young mom to two boys, Sean and Jayden, both, unbelievably, teenagers. Though their dad Kevin Federline retains 70 per cent  of their custody, the boys here have a day out with their star mom. “I love you both to the moon and back,” she writes. Future girlfriends have their task cut out to better that one!

  • Evader Bar None

    She’s a known knockout punch to the guts in orange blue and other colours, often sand-smeared in the backdrop of a surf or two, but we could have believed Bar Rafaeli in any other avatar—ruthless Mossad agent, femme fatale who ate the innocent rich for dinner…. She, it turns out, is a champ tax evader, cheating Israeli coffers of tax on millions of well-des­erved dollars. Particularly galling is the way she used her former relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio to claim non-residence in Israel—where she’s seen as a native-born global ambassador. Nine months of community service rang out for her; her accomplice, mom Zipi, is to languish in prison for 16 months. Is Al Capone sniggering up there?

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