27 February, 2021


  • Make It Scuffed

    He steps down purposefully from a Volkswagon-ish van, sharply sweatered and jacketed, classic sneakers poised to give chase to a quarry, as a ’60s Jaguar coupe slows down in deference. That’s Akshay Kumar in the Scotland set of his ‘spy-thriller’ Bell Bottom. The stills we have seen doesn’t feature that signature article of clothing, but its symbolic use would conjure up ’70s Europe, from ABBA to the Rolling Stones, from long-haired beauties in turtle-necked sweaters to square-jawed Clint Eastwood. Bollywood makes a hash of the ‘look’ of period pieces, its actors hopping like marionettes in shiny clothes. Can the Scottish studio impart a well-worn look to this caper?

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March 08, 2021

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