24 September, 2020


  • Make It Scuffed

    He steps down purposefully from a Volkswagon-ish van, sharply sweatered and jacketed, classic sneakers poised to give chase to a quarry, as a ’60s Jaguar coupe slows down in deference. That’s Akshay Kumar in the Scotland set of his ‘spy-thriller’ Bell Bottom. The stills we have seen doesn’t feature that signature article of clothing, but its symbolic use would conjure up ’70s Europe, from ABBA to the Rolling Stones, from long-haired beauties in turtle-necked sweaters to square-jawed Clint Eastwood. Bollywood makes a hash of the ‘look’ of period pieces, its actors hopping like marionettes in shiny clothes. Can the Scottish studio impart a well-worn look to this caper?

  • Follow Her Radiance

    “There were times that I wanted to push Barack out of the window.” So said Michelle Obama, with that forceful candour that makes her podcast justifiably influential—whether on race, depression and mental health or the choice for the next US president. Here, she was talking on marriages, exhorting young couples to hang on in the tough, intense difficult periods that’d inevitably rear their dispiriting heads. If she’d walked out during those tough times, she “would have missed all the beauty that was there as well”. Twice-told advice on seriousness, commitment and honesty was repeated and rang as true as ever. For when you’ve turned coiled rage into a warm embrace leaking matured love, you’ve gained the right to an audience.

  • On A Golden Sideline

    A touch of our dear departed Divya Bharati? A dash of Sridevi added to it? Is that the reason television’s Shilpa Shinde has such a hold on viewers? Why, the hair, worn old-style, and that white dress won’t tarnish that overwhelming imp­ression. The news is that the star of Gangs of Filmistaan has taken umbrage at the selfishness of comedian Sunil Grover. That prima donna, apparently, lays claim to the best gags, leaving everyone, including Shilpa, feel like spare parts. While we acknowledge that requires some talent to do that, we also have a policy of a firm hand with cads who hog the limelight. Enough said. Have to look up this Grover chap though!

  • Beached Temptress

    With Portuguese and Chinese parents, Jessica Gomes’s genetic balance must have at some stage been on a razor’s edge. Ample proof that it turned out to be passably gobsmacking lies before your eyes. Born and raised in Sydney, Jessica honed her skills on the hallowed sands of Bondi and Balmoral, sending many a promising surfer, we imagine, to their doom. Proof of that qunique power to stun came with starring roles in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for eight consecutive years. Do we take the launch of her own skincare brand as proof of her waning power to distract entire roomfuls? Nah, as summer leads to autumn, it is pre-ordained.

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