01 March, 2021


  • Heat The Caypot!

    It takes Bollywood 26 years to get up the audacity to remake Forrest Gump, but this is only marginally about the shooting of Laal Singh Chaddha in Turkey. Neatly brushed salt-and-pepper hair in place, leading man Aamir Khan musters a toothless smile as he’s hosted by First Lady Emine Erdogan at the Huber Mansion in Istanbul. But was accepting the invitation of a president (surely, Recep Tayyip approved?) who increasingly sees himself as the meddlesome Ottoman caliph of olden times—castigating India over Kashmir and the Delhi riots—that too on August 15, a problematic proposition? It was, for hundreds of busy trolls let Aamir know. Let’s see how Forrest bumbles himself outta this.

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