02 March, 2021


  • There For Us

    For ten long years, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross swept millions across the world in their capacious Manhattan pad, hypnotising them with their gags, wisecracks, crack-ups, affairs, music-making, cooking…with the shallow, locquacious depths of their very souls. Maladjusts from Valparaiso to Delhi weakly protested, but were cut down. Though the ballyhoo ended sometime back, acute nostalgia and wannabe antics persist. Some of the glassy-eyed marked 2020 as the return of the six in a Friends ‘reunion’ in HBO. But, as Jennifer Aniston, the ever popular Rachel, lamented, the pandemic has postponed it indefinitely. A faint note of cheer could be heard amid the sighs.

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