27 February, 2021


  • A Special Boy’s Id

    In these days of plaguish darkness, there are people who believe, mistakenly we think, that a Covid-free dawn will light up the Indian firmament. For the rest of us, visions of festive happiness and gaiety expressed in a public spirit appear as mirages do in the empty quarter of Arabia—ever in sight, ever elusive. Id Al-Adha crept up in our blue funk—and was spent in subdued enjoyment. Blessed then, are children too young to grasp a sense of doom; blessed like Izhaan, a little stunner as there ever was one, in a gorgeous navy blue kurta, waving good cheer to the likes of us from the secure haven of mum Sania Mirza’s clasp, who looks resplendently contented in a pink, embroidered salwar suit.

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