20 June, 2021


  • On Another Beach

    As Sunny Leone creates frolicsome little waves in LA, Randeep Hooda gives back to his city by doing his mite in helping clean up Versova beach in Mumbai. A man who can be seen picking through the ungainly detritus of urban life can be depended upon to portray our gritty reality. No, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai (opposite Salman) doesn’t generate much hope, but his turn in Hollywood’s Extraction (Netflix) certainly does. Going by this picture, Randeep is the man to break Western stereotypes of Indian characters.

  • Nicola’s Choice

    We first espied Brooklyn Beckham early this century as an overdressed, sniggering little tich tagging along with his proud parents as they left a party (or a dozen). That he has grown up into a sharp card himself does mitigate the fact that he’s taken more after Victoria in looks than dashing David. He looks awfully young at 21, but who are we to comment on the considered choice of the gorgeous Nicola Peltz (25, actress), who sighed and said yea after crafty B slipped in the vital question. “I am the luckiest man in the world,” he gushed in well-worn cliché. We are inclined to agree.

  • Sunny Side Down

    Our Sunny flew outta her coop, touched down in LA International Airport, mingled amidst the  California Girls, and hit the beach to the tune of Surfin USA. As beachwear, she had a cut-off top paired with a mumsy swimsuit, all teamed perfectly with the azure ocean and sky. But is a golden state hammered by a deluge of new Covid cases (it curtailed bars and restaurants last week) to be preferred to lockdowned, cowering, drizzly Mumbai? Here’s one for your team, Mr Trump!

  • Shooting Ignorance

    As he swept the land, looking for a pretty face—a peg to hang his next, insipid movie on, Ram Gopal Varma happened on Ankeeta Maharana from Odisha. Exulting at an eureka moment, RGV first gave her an icky nom de screen—Apsara Rani. Then the faux pas: “Before meeting Apsara, I didn’t even hear about Orissa since the 1999 hurricane,” he tweeted (our italics). A filmmaker from Andhra stares at a 20-year void as he turns his gaze next door? As Odias rightly ridiculed RGV’s vacuity, the man mumbled “gross exaggeration”. Though she looks mighty distracted here, we hope Apsara will bring some focus back in RGV’s next film.

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