17 June, 2021


  • Throne Of The Therons

    On better days, now seemingly lost to the world, Charlize Theron would spread herself like this, sleepy abandon spilling out like silky gowns out of a wardrobe, disporting in slinky nothings that were a necessary counterpoint to those ferociously meaty screen roles. But inactivity is the mother of long-supressed clarifications, and Charlize put an end to over a decade’s mispronounciation of her surname—’throne’, with a roll of the ‘r’ minus the depth of the ‘h’; not ‘ther...on’, as we are used to. French origin too, not Afrikaans.

  • She Relishes Tiebreaks

    Coco Chanel brought a sensuously brazen feminism on to Paris catwalks, and thence to the fashion world. Can the prodigiously talented Coco Gauff—slayer of Venus Williams in the opening round of Wimbledon last year, and the youngest winner, at 15, of the Linz Open—usher in an age of the politically vocal tennis star? Her speech at a Black Lives Matter speech at Delray Beach in Florida was noted for its mature appeal. Taking quiet note was Martina Navratilova, queen of the All England Championship. Coco can help change the world for the better, she predicts. Look at that young face set hard in determination. Martina knows that when she sees it.

  • Desperado’s Day In

    Masquerade balls, the masques of fashionable criminals in gaslit Europe, the fearsome masks that gladiators would don to intimidate snarling adversaries and beasts.... The masks that brought Glenn Jacobs his fierce reputation as Superstar Kane in professional WWE wrestling must have originated from the latter. The world, however, turns in irony—at a time when masks are a necessary appendage across the world, Knox County in Tennessee, made it mandatory to wear them—grumblingly, we imagine—in certain buildings. The board of health officials voted 7-1 in favour of the move. The lone dissenting vote came from the man who covered his unlovely mien in public under a mask for long—Mayor Jacobs.

  • A Smile Refuses To Be Masked

    Ach so.... Pardon the teutonic flourish, but our pursed lips break into a chuckle as we behold one of our faves for this page—all arched eyebrows, sharp angles and cheekbones, in postures provocative enough to lead impressionable lads astray. Yet look at Urvashi Rautela here—stripped of movies, award shows and glitzy photoshoots by a virus, she marches on undeterred, grabbing instead a new mask brand to launch. Shorn of pasty make-up, too, she appears happier than she has looked in a long time.

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